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Wood and Profile:

The wood selections I currently offer are bleached maple, big leaf maple, madrone, walnut, and ebonized walnut. Each wood comes in a thin 1/2” profile, a thicker 3/4” profile, or a floating profile (this option is for works on stretched canvas or panel and has a 1/4” face). Madrone, walnut, and ebonized walnut also come in a 1/2” rounded corner profile. 


Mat color, mounting style, and border size: 

In order to keep things simple, I’ve selected two mat colors that compliment all pieces- white and cream. Artwork can be mounted two different ways: floating on top of the mat, or under a bevelled window cut in to the mat. The border size refers to how much matting is shown around the artwork, and can range from no border at all to whatever size is chosen. The most popular border size I receive is between 1.5”-2”.



If the artwork is floated on top of the mat, a spacer is used to keep the artwork from touching the glass. A spacer is a thin strip that fits underneath the lip and up against the edge of the frame.


Glass or plexi type: 

All options of glass and plexi I use are 99.9% UV protecting. Both glass and plexi come in a standard conservation clear grade and a museum grade. The museum grade offers less reflection and higher clarity. Glass and plexi visually look the same, but plexi is lighter and shatterproof. I recommend plexi for pieces larger than 32x40 or pieces that are being shipped. The glass options are less expensive than their plexi counterparts.

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